Open Source MSI Package Repository

About this project

This project is the continuation of work done at MIT. At the BioMicro Center a managed environment was created for the hundreds of users who needed analysis software during the course of biological experiments. Those analytical packages were mostly not open-source, so those are not offered here. In addition, complementary software packages were created, notably Firefox and Thunderbird.
The work continues now at the Computer Science Department at Brown University.

The packages offered on this site will continue to be updated as new versions are released. Additional open-source packages can be created on request. Use to send the developer a message, and if the package is open-source and msi'able, the package could be created.

What MSIs are:
MSI's are Microsoft Installer packages. They are installers packed into a consistent format, allowing for easy installs and upgrades. Think of them like RPM packages, but for Windows. They are easy to use, but difficult to create. Go here for more info
Windows Installer: Benefits and Implementation for System Administrators
The best features of MSIs are the ability to assign software using Active Directory. With these MSIs, you can set all machines in your domain/OU/sub-OU to automatically install these packages.

Information on packages:
These MSIs were created using Wise Package Studio. A nifty feature of their product is the ability to capture a regular .exe installation into an MSI, although with a fair bit of modifying necessary.
The Firefox MSI installs to the same directory as the official installer.
The Thunderbird MSI installs to the same directory as the official installer.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Firefox using Active Directory, you should specify the upgraded msi to uninstall the old version first. This is the recommendation I received from a Mozilla developer a while back.

Links To The Latest Version Of All Packages:

Mozilla Firefox MSI(6578KB) Version 1.0.6-English

Mozilla Firefox MSI(6792KB) Version 1.0.6-German

Mozilla Firefox MSI(7055KB) Version 1.0.6-Russian

Mozilla Firefox MSI(6578KB) Version 1.0.6-Hungarian

Mozilla Thunderbird MSI(8218KB) Version 1.0.6

R (27407KB) Version 2.11

NTP for Windows(read the release notes) NTP for Windows (1805KB) Version 4.20a

MinGW 3.4.5 Putty Suite (35101KB) Version 3.4.5

CodeBlocks CodeBlocks (9008KB) SVN build rev. 3915

Rdesktop Rdesktop (2426KB) 1.5.0

Putty Suite 0.58 Putty Suite (1275KB) Version 0.58

FileZilla (2760KB) Version 2.2.14b-English

Truecrypt (1390KB) Version 4.2-English

Gimp 2.2.8 with GTK+2.6.8-1 (18844KB) -English

The Gimp(13043KB) Version 2.2.8-English

Inkscape(29990KB) Version 0.44.1-English